Wednesday, February 1, 2012

While we wait... We will give away some goodies!

We have been VERY busy taking care of all of our little babies! They are all growing up to be so cool. Each batch is different and its so exciting to see how each one will turn out. Our batch that is a little over two months old are all looking very yellow!

One of our older batches are turning a very cool silver and black, each one has a different pattern to make them unique!

We are waiting on 4 males to give birth any day now! Then we will really have our hands full! But while we wait we would like to start our month of give aways! For the first three weeks of February we will be giving away a very cool Salt & Seahorses T-shirt, blue and green for men, or pink and green for women. The T-shirts are in the process of being made but I can share with you our cool new logo that will be on the T-shirt.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on one of our posts. At the end of the week we will draw a name and whoever wins, we will be in contact with you and send you your T-shirt! Its that easy! THEN at the end of the month we will be giving away a beautiful seahorse bracelet. Check it out!

To enter to win the seahorse bracelet at the end of the month all you have to do is become a follower! At the end of the month we will put all of our followers in a hat and pick someone to send this great bracelet to!

Our first drawing for a T-shirt will be Wednesday the 8th!

Please keep checking back with us as our seahorses will be ready to go to new homes this month and we will have lots more going on!


  1. Sign me up for the drawing and a couple of yellow(I like to call them Palominos)babies.

  2. I definitly want to sport your gear... and the bracelet is gorgeous!

  3. I love your logo and shirt colors, and the bracelet is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Stopping by from your Mom's blog.
    These little guys are just amazing!!

  5. Love the bracelet, I hope I win :) It's gorgeous! And the seahorses are so fun! I wish I had the financial means to have a few of these seahorses, I always found them amazing!