Friday, February 17, 2012


There is lots of winning! going on here at the seahorse ranch!

We would first like to announce the winner of our weekly T-shirt giveaway, Vicki P is the winner this week! (Vicki please send your address and information to and we will send a T-shirt your way!)

We will do another drawing next week on the 22nd for one more T-shirt so be sure to leave a comment on one of our posts. Then on the 29th we will be drawing a name of one of our followers to win the seahorse bracelet!

I think this guy definitely thinks his is winning!, 2 days after this picture was taken last week he finally had his babies! I think I know exactly how he felt! He had one of the largest bellies we had ever seen for a seahorse his size and it just got larger in the days following! I think he's feeling much better now and all of his little babies are doing awesome!

We are happy to say that three of our juveniles are winning! as well! They found a great new home in Ohio this morning and I know they are going to be as happy as can be!

It is so wonderful to know they will be loved and taken care of! 

We are working on a fun post "A day on the seahorse ranch," we cant wait to share it with you!

Thanks for visiting everyone, we will see you soon! 

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  1. These guys are doing great!! They are so beautiful and are changing colors as well. They are all lighter, the black male with the gold bands is now gold with cream colored bands, he is stunning!!! We named him Zues (God of the skys). The little girl with the beautiful cirri has turned to a golden brown color and her cirri is absolutely beautiful. Her name is Mya (Good Goddess). Last our petite little lady has lightened up as well and still has a multitude of colors, she is the shyest of the three and her name is Iris (Goddess of the Rainbow). We can't wait until some pintos come along. I can say for sure any seahorses we add to our home will be coming from you guys!!