Friday, March 2, 2012

Little babies are not so little anymore!

THE WINNER OF OUR SEAHORSE BRACELET GIVE AWAY IS LORI G! Our little (not so little anymore) baby picked the winner out of her toy bucket yesterday evening! Lori we will be sending the seahorse bracelet your way soon!

We have lots going on on the seahorse ranch...

Some of our "little" babies have turned into big babies!

One of these guys has been moved over to a batch of smaller babies so he can teach them how to eat frozen food :) He sure is a trooper for babysitting all those little guys!

THEN, there is this little guy, no, he is not a baby. He is a full grown adult but he is a dwarf! If you look very closely three of his babies are around him. These are the only seahorses you can raise in the same tank as their parents because they all eat the same food. These guys are too cool and I am so excited to have more! They dont get any cuter than this! Some of the babies look like they will be pink too, my favorite color! :)


  1. Looking good - Can't wait to see the pink ones!!

  2. I want to see pink ones! :)

  3. I am so excited to get this, it is beautiful, Thank You!!

  4. I got the bracelet yesterday and let me tell you it is gorgeous!!! Thank You!!!