Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What will we do with all these babies?!?!

Over 200 seahorses isn't a lot right?? Well... even my husband and I realize that with 13 of our own seahorses we cannot keep all the babies (as much as we would like to!) We will likely keep a couple of our first babies because we worked so hard for those little guys to make it that we couldn't possibly see them go. The other babies will be old enough and strong enough to go to new homes within the next four weeks. We will begin posting them on our website saltandseahorses.com (currently under construction). Unlike other websites that sell seahorses, we will have a "what you see if what you get" page called "pick your pony," where you will be able to choose exactly which seahorse you would like to arrive at your door. (Yes! We ship anywhere in the U.S.) The "pick your pony" page will feature some of our cooler, more unique seahorses.

We currently have Hippocampus Erectus seahorses available. They are very beautiful seahorses and ideal for beginners as they are a little more forgiving than other species. All of our seahorses are trained to eat frozen food to make it as easy as possible on their caretaker. We are even working on getting them to eat out of a feeding dish to make it even easier and cut down on waste in the tank. It is ideal for seahorses to be kept in their own tank, as they are too slow to compete with other fish for food. We have found that two seahorses is always better than one! :) When they have a mate, or just a friend, they are much more active and playful, these little guys will dance together, play in the bubbles or just hitch onto each other and swim around. Our juveniles are mostly females which is ideal if you are looking to have more than one seahorse in a tank and do not want to have to deal with babies that you do not plan on raising (it is almost guaranteed a male and female will mate).

Until then, I will share a picture of the oldest gals, and hopefully tomorrow some pictures of our youngest, born in the video below. They are doing great!

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  1. How exciting Kaitlin~~Sounds like a very cool business and quite an adventure raising Sea horses!

    I am stopping by via your Mom I just love her. We have been flickr and blogging friends since 2008!

    Happy Weekend:))

    Kay Ellen