Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You breed seahorses?

When my husband and I tell people we breed seahorses you can only imagine the kind of responses we get. Some people are fascinated, some people think we are crazy. Well, we are crazy but we are doing what we love and hope that the people who are fascinated may have a little fun seeing what it is all about. 

How does one start breeding seahorses you may ask. My husband and I have been in the salt water aquarium hobby for a couple of years and there is nothing we love more. When I was pregnant last year we thought it would be cute to set up a little seahorse tank in our daughters nursery. We bought two seahorses from a local breeder and that was it, we were satisfied. They were cute and fun and just what we wanted. Unfortunately we went away on vacation and the day after we left something went wrong and when we came home our seahorses had passed away :( 

I was devastated and wanted two more seahorses. After calling the breeder we had bought them from, she told us that she was getting out of the hobby and asked if we would be interested in her last three pairs. Of course we were! Then out of sheer curiosity I asked just how hard it was to raise the babies. I knew that it was pretty inevitable they would breed unless we separated them, but I wasn't planning on actually raising any babies. For goodness sakes we already had six!

Not long after we brought them home I fell in love with these seahorses and knew that as soon as I saw their little babies swimming around there would be no way I couldn't try to raise them. So that was how it all started. I was determined, no matter how hard and time consuming everyone said it was going to be that we could do it. It has taken a while, unfortunately a good amount of fatalities, and a ridiculous amount of salt water but we've got it figured out!!!! 

So please join us as we share with you the mesmerizing world of our seahorses courting each other, mating, giving birth and growing to become beautiful seahorses that will hopefully make someone as happy as they make us :) 

I leave you with a picture of our newest (and might I add coolest!) female who is still in need of a name! Any ideas? 


  1. Love it! A wonderful first post and I agree you are a little bit crazy. Have fun!

  2. I think this is absolutely fascinating!!